A Piece Of Me...

I was born in the second half of the 1900’s, possibly descended of "Scottish Tinkers" (still finding this), Tetched with Megalomania, Decidedly Hetro and an emerging Crone!

Winter, Blue, Spiritual, Empathic, Artist, Artisan, Wordist, Herbalist and a Stone Caster!

Now then, for good measure I’ll throw in ADD, Bi-Polar, OCD and a bit plain ole NUTZ….. J I refer to this as having numerous "Cats In My Attic", which means I still have control...otherwise they would just be "Bats In My Belfry"! : )

Most of my time, these days, is spent dealing with a semi-bizarre condition, "Arachnoiditis w/Myoclonic Dystonia"! Such is life after a fairly severe (ACDF C4-7) spinal incident. I am so grateful to no longer be paralyzed after successful surgery, that I try not to whine about the “Chump Change”! I’m sure any Quadriplegic out there would gladly accept the sacrifice for the freedom of Mobility!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

This Mothers Search Continues After 35 years...

Okay, so, It Is Mother's Day....
I feel Compelled to share my Story again...
Just In Case, It COULD Be that ONE Time...
Missing: Clayton Walter Knox 
Born: November 7th, 1976, Long Beach, CA
Kidnapped & Missing Since July, 1977
Probably Looks Like This Picture (L) Below...[of UNKNOWN FB Game Player]
Both Sons were Kidnapped by their Father in July of 1977, I have NEVER Seen Them Again! Now, His Brother Albert Knox, that I Have Since FOUND on Facebook, on the (Right) and I WANT to Find Him Too!
Albert, was raised his whole life believing I was dead and NEVER Even Knowing he Had A Brother! After 35+ years missing, I found Him on Facebook, now we are Hoping we can find his Brother Too! This picture below is of an "Unknown" player on a FB Game... Uncanny how much he LOOKS Like Albert for sure!
So, Reaching out to the 2,000+ people in my Feed on this Mother's Day, to maybe Share this and that JUST Maybe This Son can be Found!
— with Albert Knox.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fabsak Is Coming... When Ideas Crash Into Me~ I Tumble Along...

Working at really trying to get my arms to co-operate with my brain and roll out with my thoughts!  NOT That easy...
I have SOOOO, Many Things to do! And I am Anxious to put the effort in to keep putting it out there...one inch at a time!  I know I am slow, but, I am realizing that Slow is Okay, it beats the hell out of NO Go!... it is just so slow... :/ Very Frustrating...

Still learning to let go of my "Stuff" (Fabrics) too, hard to part with "THINGS" (Fabric) that you Want To Keep! LOL!  Some pieces I have are nearly "Priceless" to me, just their existence is "Something" even if it Just a Piece of FABRIC! I Know it is so strange for people to understand the "Dream State" one (okay, freaky me) can achieve by caressing a Nice Piece of Fabric and Fantasizing about what one could (C O U L D ) DO With It! The Commitment it takes to Actually DO Anything 'Conclusive' with it is nearly Heartbreaking, in the Loss of all THOSE Dreams!
"Stash Pictures"
Cashing!?! :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sometimes You Just Find Out Your WORTH It!!

For years, I have had people telling me..."Oh, you could get a Much Better Rate on that Car Insurance if you just shop around a little!" and "You should get a couple of Quotes, that AAA is Just Too Expensive!!"

Well, Let me tell you!  it was NOT Fun to Discover...But...UhUhhhh...
Oh Yeah!
Thank All the Powers that be, I walked away...
AAA Was like a Gleaming Knight In Shinning Armour!!
I will spend the Rest of my life Pimping AAA Auto Insurance to Everyone I get a Chance to!
They were FAST!, Friendly Beyond reproach!  Smart, Ready and Got It DONE!!!
YAY AAA!! \m/\m/
I <3 AAA!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Fostering The Rose

A couple of people I know got married some years ago.  It was an ill-fated marriage; they really had very little in common, outside the bedroom, if you know what I mean.  Their battles were long and makeup sex was strong, but after a few years it wore off, or rather on.  After many attempts at attrition, there was just too much to forgive.  One day while they were busy ripping and tearing their lives apart, I happened to stop by.  As I was a friend to both of them, this was really an awkward moment, but too late, I was already there!  As I walked around the property with her, (as she needed to vent,) I made small talk of the plants and flowers.  I inquired as to the species of an ugly little lump of a stump in this small wooden container.  It was a rose bush she insisted.  With which he had attempted favor by dragging it into their lives at some point.  It was an ugly little stump; it took some convincing for me to believe it was even a rose at all.  She loudly persisted that I should “have it, take it, do something with it”; she sure as hell didn’t want the piece of crap!  Reluctantly I accepted the “gift”.  It looked dead, like a scrap of driftwood.  I threw it in my car and made my escape as elegantly as possible.

A few days later I came across the “scrappling” in my car.  I dragged it out, tugged gently at the stump and decided that it may have life in the root ball after all.  Who knows what a good root ball can produce!  I took it over to my potting bench and poked around the soil a little, put a handful of fresh mulch on top and sank a fertilizer stick into the deepest part of the little rotting container.  It was evident that if it lived, I would have to get a new container for it soon.  I found it a comfortable place to reside and figured I’d give it a shot.

Sure enough, just a few weeks later I noticed some shoots!  I delighted in its first production of just one little rose.  But it was clearly weak and it soon succumbed to a terrible round of nasty little critters that stripped its pathetic little stems to scrawny toothpicks.  But after seeing that first rose I knew I could bring it back around.  I went and got it a nice big new container, a bag of the best stuff around and gave it a place of distinction on my front porch.

The following season, I was ecstatic to get enough blossoms as to glean comments from passersby.  Then once again, I had a hell of a bout with the critters.  I was reluctant to use harsh chemicals because I felt she was a little delicate.  I pampered her and did what I could with teas and concoctions.  This cycle would play itself out for a couple of more years.

Then one year, just as she was beginning to put out some really promising blooms, again the damn critters began to munch, Oh!  I can’t believe this!  The poor thing has been trying so hard.  It looked so sickly; I moved it away from the front of the porch to the back.

When I got up the next day there was a huge spider web covering most of what was left of leaves and stems.  I figured what the hell, let him live there; maybe he can grow fat on some critters!

Sure enough, several days later I noticed that the progression of the critters had ceased.  In fact there was some evidence of new growth.  Oh my God!  That spider really did eat the critters!  Well, I was so astonished I tried to tell some people about it and I think they think I’m crazy.  You Think?

Over the next couple of years, despite some amateur clipping accidents and several more bouts between critters, I have ended up with what appears to be a small, double trunk, mini “tree” of roses.  This year my spider moved in early, how I love this guy, not another critter in sight!  I played with the stems and crossed them over each other and secured them in the middle.  They look really cool like that.  The blooms are setting for the second time this year, and there is going to be even more this time around.

My friend stopped by the other day; it’s been years since she came around.  As we strolled around my yard she proclaimed about what a beautiful rose that was!  I proudly informed her it was the same one she had given me.  Oh!  No way, this was her rose?  I bristled at the words rolling off of her tongue.  Her rose?  NO, this is my rose!  But, being civil, I refrained from correcting her and let her wallow in her own self-glorification and lament about how she should not have given away such a beautiful rose.  Her comment on how she had a spot that would be perfect for it at her new home, rolled off me like water on a duck.  I wasn't going to go there, and neither was my rose!

It wouldn't matter to tell her that it would not even be in existence any longer had it been left in her care, nor that it would still not probably survive the future.  She can beat her chest all she wants because the truth is; I know that I brought this plant to life.  Yes, the root may have belonged to her, but she discarded and discounted its value.  Now that it is plain to see it’s potential she wishes to bask in its glory!  All of that doesn't really matter, she can’t have it back, and it still lives at my house.  I’m still the one that will run out and brush away the first snow and then tie and cover the stems to protect it.  I will be the one to carefully trim it and feed it to help it “spring” to life next season.  I’m the one that sees it grow and delights in the changes.  I’m the one that basks in its glorious blooms!   Ultimately, this is my reward; because you see, it really is my rose!
 'Twisted Crone'
Dedicated To Fosters Everywhere....

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grandma's Honey....

"Grandma, Why do you put Honey in Everything?"
"Because a Little Sweet always cuts the back off the Bitter!"

Sunday, October 27, 2013

When Powerful Dreams Manifest...

I had the most Intense "Vision" that was really a "Trigger" to Deja Vu a Dream!  I had a "Slice" as if it was a PICTURE Imprinted On My Mind! From it I can Re-create the Knowledge of what I saw!  Wow!
In the future, I saw hospital person operating a hand held device that was analyzing information from a patient that was then "Creating" food (3D printing?) perfectly nutritious based on their needs, being dispensed from a small unit in the wall, it really was like I was living inside a "Judy Jetson" at the Cafeteria moment!
Freaked me out just a little, but then i felt very excited and wanted to see if there is such a thing...not yet I guess...soon... :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Music Musing

"Why do you listen to that weird music all day?"....
Well, I guess it is because it is enjoyable, quieting and contributes to the "Fugue" that lends to my Creative Abilities!  If I try to listen to music that has a lot of lyrics, catchy rhythms, messages or anything like that, it is like my Brain is a "Radio Station" with bad reception and keeps jumping channels!  I can't get anything done because the song, music, beat or whatever will distract me and I may never get back in the same groove...sometimes, I loose a project for days...
That is okay, at least I am still DOING IT!!!
Doing it
Doing it