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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Party Volley From Meet-N-Greet To Sean Randalls Vintage Reception! Whew, I Score!

I did not know if I would be able to pull it off, but I do think I made a pretty good shot at it!  Of course the first thing that happens to me is the red flashing battery indicator light when I whip out my camera!  **What can I say?**

First stop, just off of Caterpillar Rd, up at the top of Miracle Mile, I readily found the CARS shop.  I didn't look for a sign indicating the event because I already generally knew where it was. Right away, I missed a great opportunity to get a couple of pictures of someones prized little goats visiting the event to help bring in flavor to a cute little "Barn Theme".  I made the connection right away to the "western" taste because of my own 'roots' in dealing with a nearly exact "real life" version of the enormous (metal) diesel shop/ barn my Dad ran!!  :)  I spent a lot of time in that shop and so did plenty of animals too!!  My Dad had a 50 gallon drum he had crafted into an enormous grill in which he would place an entire bag of coals and pile on the meat every Friday Night.  This was done right out back of his shop and people came from all over to eat, drink and talk till well after hours!

I had missed the previous Meet-N-Greet arraigned by friends and associates on my FaceBook and was determined to make it this time!  I arrived in time to enjoy a couple of Grilled Dogs, Cab on ice, a quick gab with a couple of old friends and a chance to meet a few new ones!  (Yes, I felt all my "Wine" friends cringe when I said on ice!  HaHaHAHA!  Cass are you there?? :)  I attended a "Sommelier" course(ette) and learned of my Faux Pas, but alas, too late, I was of youth during the "Riunite On Ice, That's Nice" campaign and cut my "wine teeth" with red wine on ice!)  I even ran into Erin from Wrap-N-Pack making some connections too!! :)

Anyhow, I was happy to try to put names to faces and faces to names as well as just have a quick hob-nobs with some great people!  There was a lot of energy in the crowd of more than 50 as I did a loose count, smiling faces and sharing of local stories, ideas and positive encounters!  It reminded me of my own upbringing, where pretty much on a monthly basis there was some kind of "Barn" gathering for one thing or another in which most of the local families and who's who would attend.  I do not know if this is just a rural thing but I still enjoy that type of atmosphere where you get a chance to meet the people associated with your livelihoods, families and communities!  I do believe that these social events bond communities together in a way that a lot of modern generations don't understand.

There was some really positive and upbeat people passing around viable and tangible ideas and suggestions that usually means power in groups can bring success!  Barb White, part of an all woman owned and operated business, CARS Smog And Auto, is proud to try and offer more service with a special touch to make their shop stand out!  Some of the other people involved were also up to their eyeballs getting the whole thing put together and were such nice people and very busy but still managed to give me plenty of their time to fill me in! So big thanks go out to Victoria Curtiss, part of the CARS crew and a bona fide car nut with a concierge streak going on, Justin Iams working his Social Media Butterflies hard with cohort Kate Bourland and the Guy behind the grill who's name I never got!!  Yee-Haww!! I was sorry to shimmy out early, I did enjoy it but I had to go chase after some ART!!

I hurriedly made my way south to hit the reception for Sean Randall.  The story here is that I have tried to make a connection to one of his shows for over a year!  Something always seems to get in the way or hold me up!  I was determined to get there too!  Naturally, something had to throw in a wrench, so I went to the wrong Wine Restuarant!!  LoL!  Well, at least the staff at the "Vintner's Cellars" were more than nice about sending me off in the right direction and were really nice about it too!!

I made it to the Vintage Wine Bar where Sean Randall was having his reception!  Viola'!  I did it!  I made it there!  I have to say, I am always amazed by his work.  He has a perspective that catches you and draws you in!  I have seen his work a few times and have even blogged a little about him before!  Wow what a great showing of his work!  I managed to talk to him for a minute and even got his autograph!  Some fun!  I especially love his huge painting called "...in the bucket" which really has an abstract feel but is clearly very realistic.  I was not disappointed for the effort to get there!

I even managed to run into a few friends there too, so I can't pass up a chance to give out a nod to Troy and Adam from Hawkman Studios, finally making a connection with Ursula Guderian of FaceBook fame that really makes some awesome jewelry and then a lovely couple which turned out to also be local artists with some claim of fame as well!!  Gene and Gwen Knaebal are both wonderful artists that have shown many works and been heavily envolved in our local arts! 

Whew, what night!  If I only had some pictures... :)

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