A Piece Of Me...

I was born in the second half of the 1900’s, possibly descended of "Scottish Tinkers" (still finding this), Tetched with Megalomania, Decidedly Hetro and an emerging Crone!

Winter, Blue, Spiritual, Empathic, Artist, Artisan, Wordist, Herbalist and a Stone Caster!

Now then, for good measure I’ll throw in ADD, Bi-Polar, OCD and a bit plain ole NUTZ….. J I refer to this as having numerous "Cats In My Attic", which means I still have control...otherwise they would just be "Bats In My Belfry"! : )

Most of my time, these days, is spent dealing with a semi-bizarre condition, "Arachnoiditis w/Myoclonic Dystonia"! Such is life after a fairly severe (ACDF C4-7) spinal incident. I am so grateful to no longer be paralyzed after successful surgery, that I try not to whine about the “Chump Change”! I’m sure any Quadriplegic out there would gladly accept the sacrifice for the freedom of Mobility!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Favorite Doesn't Always Mean The "Nicest", Just Favored!

I was contemplating a quip from my Hunny, in his usual way of telling me he loves me he says "When we get rich I am going to buy you all new kitchen stuff!  Things that actually MATCH!!"  He often curses my propensity to like things that are not considered "Uniform"!  I of course am always eager to give him my response of how much I love my miss-matched life and it doesn't matter if I have co-ordinated utensils or not, they are all my FAVORITES!!  I have been accumulating the CRAP in my kitchen for over 20 years!  I use almost everything in this picture on a VERY regular basis!

In fact, this picture is featuring a very unique point of view! If you will notice, almost everything in this picture is DIRTY!!  Yep, right out of my kitchen sink!!  As I decided to take a picture of all my favorite "Kitchen Essentials", I noticed something ironically funny, almost everything I find ESSENTIAL and would rescue if I had a chance to be forewarned of pending doom, was already dirty and waiting to be cleaned!  I pulled very few things out of the drawer for this modeling session!

Included here is the Butcher Block that I rolled down the road on the sidewalk to get it home.  We were living on post, Fort Ord, when I bought it from a soldier relocating overseas.  He really hated to get rid of it, but they had already made their weight, things had to go... I bought it for $10 but let them use it right up to the day they left!  I have been rolling it around with me ever since 1990, several different homes even!  Yet every time, it seems to have the perfect place to FIT right in!

Nearly every piece on this table has a story, just the way I like my inanimate objects!  I should tell you my story about a towel sometime...  :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Goes Up, Must Come Down! KaBlammm!

I was feeling my oats when I stopped by to see a friend of mine, anxious to tell him about my recent glory moments!  He does not compute, so I know I will surprise him and am feeling pretty audacious too!  I have known this man for close to 30 years.  I will say that most of our experience together has been on a professional level, but we have had a longstanding friendship too!

As I chat and carry on I finally tell him about being accepted as one of the Artist's to display at City Hall next year and he is astonished!  While he congratulates me he is communicating his surprise as he did not really know I was an Artist!  He knew that I had gone to College and taken Art courses and had been involved with Art when I lived in Monterey, but since he only knew me through work, my art had escaped him!  I explained to him that I have been getting back to my Art because of my disabilities and that I have been trying to realign my life while recouping!

As we shared a glass of wine, I diligently dug my photos out of my purse and started showing him some of my works!  As he looked at the pictures I saw amazement and awe on his face and became absolutely animated as I began to explain some of the different techniques and drawn out processes I would go through for each piece!  I was eating it up, he seemed like he was genuinely interested as he scrutinized closely a couple of the pictures, then as he looks up at me he has a strange look and he forces a little "laugh".  "You mean you did this shit on PURPOSE?" "You had a 'plan' for this?"  "I thought it was like you just threw the paint and that's where it landed!"

PPPPPHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!  I am soooooo deflated...........
maybe I can get my cat to walk on a couple of canvases for me......

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Am So Honored! I Was Picked To Display My Art In The Redding City Hall!!

WooHoo!  My head may inflate to the size if a blimp and My Hunny will have to Pop it to keep me from floating away!!  I am so excited, nervous and actually a little freaked out!!  It actually became official because I received my "Media and Artist Information" Packet! I believe I am positively giddy!!  :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Out And About Hopping Around!

Oh I tried, I really did!  I started out strong at Infinite Designs, visiting with Jeanette, Ann and several others including Presented Artist Ursula Guderian!  Jeanette and Ann always have the greatest selection of pieces in their shop, aside from their own striking work, local artistry abounds and always causes me to linger longer than I intend!  Throw in some delicious cheeses, very nice nibbles and a spot of good wine... well...! 

Anyhoo, Ursula herself was sporting a magnificent piece she had just crafted that day, so it speaks in volumes about this young woman making her way with creative vigor!  She has an uncanny ability to make something new look and feel like it should always have been.  I predict she will be even more of a reckoning as she has been showing at a lot of events lately and is really in a groove!!  :)

I then attempted to make my way down to the new Studio off Mistletoe Ln, I believe they were featuring one of my all time favorites, Raette Meredith, but I had to try out that new HWY 44 entrance off of Hilltop!  Wow!  Very nice!

I went straight over to the Shasta County Arts Council in the Old City Hall, there was quite a few people out and about too!  It was actually pretty crowded when I went by there, but I still got into see the really "eye"mazing, mesmerizing work of Justin Simcik. His work accetuates the art of "control" and uniformity with unexpected outcome!  I even eves dropped a little as he described his efforts in acheiving some of his most intriquing pieces!  I can honestly say you can feel his excitement as he lights up about a piece! Carol Jenkins, the "contrasting" Artist on display, brought in the abstract emotional feeling of random movement and expression.  Her work was wistful, dramatic and acheived the task of grabbing you and pulling you in to see more!

I finally made it to the Pacific West Graphics, I have circled the block on several occasions but never actually made it inside before!  I was pleased to find photographer Denise Dethlefsen showing some of her work.  I was amazed at the abstract purity in her works featuring the Cabrillo Lighthouse Lens close-ups!  Wow, very inspirational!

I had gotten an early start hoping to make it to as many places as I could but unfortunately I didn't make it past the Great show at Carnagies!  I ran into the artist, Shaun Smith, but his work really ran me over!!  I was amazed at his colors and the way he made his subjects "Pop" with his composition and brushwork!  I was inticed by a flavor of Gauguin! I was going to try to speak with the Artist, but I ended up trying to just make my way to the door as a Herky-Jerky was overtaking me and I barely made it to the car!

I really wanted to make it to the After party at Tapas Downtown where I hear Troy and Adam from Hawkman Studios was supposed to be hanging out by I had to make a bee-line home!  Oh well, maybe next time!  I had a great night if it though, even if it was cut a little short!   I believe that most of the art is still hanging around, maybe I can get over there next week just to take a gander.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Party Volley From Meet-N-Greet To Sean Randalls Vintage Reception! Whew, I Score!

I did not know if I would be able to pull it off, but I do think I made a pretty good shot at it!  Of course the first thing that happens to me is the red flashing battery indicator light when I whip out my camera!  **What can I say?**

First stop, just off of Caterpillar Rd, up at the top of Miracle Mile, I readily found the CARS shop.  I didn't look for a sign indicating the event because I already generally knew where it was. Right away, I missed a great opportunity to get a couple of pictures of someones prized little goats visiting the event to help bring in flavor to a cute little "Barn Theme".  I made the connection right away to the "western" taste because of my own 'roots' in dealing with a nearly exact "real life" version of the enormous (metal) diesel shop/ barn my Dad ran!!  :)  I spent a lot of time in that shop and so did plenty of animals too!!  My Dad had a 50 gallon drum he had crafted into an enormous grill in which he would place an entire bag of coals and pile on the meat every Friday Night.  This was done right out back of his shop and people came from all over to eat, drink and talk till well after hours!

I had missed the previous Meet-N-Greet arraigned by friends and associates on my FaceBook and was determined to make it this time!  I arrived in time to enjoy a couple of Grilled Dogs, Cab on ice, a quick gab with a couple of old friends and a chance to meet a few new ones!  (Yes, I felt all my "Wine" friends cringe when I said on ice!  HaHaHAHA!  Cass are you there?? :)  I attended a "Sommelier" course(ette) and learned of my Faux Pas, but alas, too late, I was of youth during the "Riunite On Ice, That's Nice" campaign and cut my "wine teeth" with red wine on ice!)  I even ran into Erin from Wrap-N-Pack making some connections too!! :)

Anyhow, I was happy to try to put names to faces and faces to names as well as just have a quick hob-nobs with some great people!  There was a lot of energy in the crowd of more than 50 as I did a loose count, smiling faces and sharing of local stories, ideas and positive encounters!  It reminded me of my own upbringing, where pretty much on a monthly basis there was some kind of "Barn" gathering for one thing or another in which most of the local families and who's who would attend.  I do not know if this is just a rural thing but I still enjoy that type of atmosphere where you get a chance to meet the people associated with your livelihoods, families and communities!  I do believe that these social events bond communities together in a way that a lot of modern generations don't understand.

There was some really positive and upbeat people passing around viable and tangible ideas and suggestions that usually means power in groups can bring success!  Barb White, part of an all woman owned and operated business, CARS Smog And Auto, is proud to try and offer more service with a special touch to make their shop stand out!  Some of the other people involved were also up to their eyeballs getting the whole thing put together and were such nice people and very busy but still managed to give me plenty of their time to fill me in! So big thanks go out to Victoria Curtiss, part of the CARS crew and a bona fide car nut with a concierge streak going on, Justin Iams working his Social Media Butterflies hard with cohort Kate Bourland and the Guy behind the grill who's name I never got!!  Yee-Haww!! I was sorry to shimmy out early, I did enjoy it but I had to go chase after some ART!!

I hurriedly made my way south to hit the reception for Sean Randall.  The story here is that I have tried to make a connection to one of his shows for over a year!  Something always seems to get in the way or hold me up!  I was determined to get there too!  Naturally, something had to throw in a wrench, so I went to the wrong Wine Restuarant!!  LoL!  Well, at least the staff at the "Vintner's Cellars" were more than nice about sending me off in the right direction and were really nice about it too!!

I made it to the Vintage Wine Bar where Sean Randall was having his reception!  Viola'!  I did it!  I made it there!  I have to say, I am always amazed by his work.  He has a perspective that catches you and draws you in!  I have seen his work a few times and have even blogged a little about him before!  Wow what a great showing of his work!  I managed to talk to him for a minute and even got his autograph!  Some fun!  I especially love his huge painting called "...in the bucket" which really has an abstract feel but is clearly very realistic.  I was not disappointed for the effort to get there!

I even managed to run into a few friends there too, so I can't pass up a chance to give out a nod to Troy and Adam from Hawkman Studios, finally making a connection with Ursula Guderian of FaceBook fame that really makes some awesome jewelry and then a lovely couple which turned out to also be local artists with some claim of fame as well!!  Gene and Gwen Knaebal are both wonderful artists that have shown many works and been heavily envolved in our local arts! 

Whew, what night!  If I only had some pictures... :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Have An Almost Studio!

I have a new roof, most of my stuff unpacked and will get my table put in tonight!  I want to get some things done before the weather turns bad!  I do not know exactly what I am going to do for my frames yet but I have confidence that I will find a way! :)  I actually went out yesterday and mixed some prep and put up about 4 canvases!!  If the weather holds hot, I could be painting by the first of the week!!  It takes a few days for my canvases to "cure" before I can start putting paint on them, otherwise it won't "dry" at all!!  (Yuck, what a mess that one was!!)  LOL! 

That is the price I pay for being an EXPERIMENTAL artist to begin with! HAHAHAHA!

I have so many things in my minds eye I feel like I am chomping at the bit!!  YeeHaww!  :)
Now if I can keep the wind from blowing my stuff away today, these will be ready for paint by Monday!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Raette Meredith Makes Mark In Murals!

I have been a big fan of Raette for a long time!  I met her some time ago in my "Art Life" (as my Hunny calls it...), so, I know I am just a little slanted here.  But I did purchase a copy of a wonderfully published book of her "Fairies At Play" paintings!  This series is some of my favorite works by this "colorful" and skilled artist!  I just love the way she can bring you into another place with her work!

And, I have to say, especially with the personal artist inscription that she included will make it an even nicer gift for my Granddaughter that lives to love Faries as it is!

She is also doing some murals at my G-daughters soon to be High school, (again, am I biased?, oops my bad I guess), but I just Love Her Stuff!!  :)  I did go out and get some pictures of my own, but really, her own pictures from her own website are like 99.99% better!!  :0
No really, visit her website here and look her stuff over, she is sooo awesome!! :0

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hempfest 2010 F.O.W.L. Report

Well it certainly turned out to be magnificent weather for the First Annual 2010 WHEE Hempfest held in Red Bluff this weekend! I understand that this particular event seemed to have caused an uproar by some standards, but then, so do most other events for some reason or another! There is always somebody or some group that is going to be put out over it. Please, can we at least get a grip on some of the panic and gossip and take a bite of reality here. My friend and I decided we wanted to go and check it out, just to see what is REALLY going on and to see what/how we can participate in the changing of some hate-filled minds.

We started out early because we happen to be early birds and we were up for an adventure. We decided we would get there (Red Bluff) early and explore the town a little, neither one of us are very familiar with Red Bluff and thought it would be a hoot! Red Bluff has not usually been known to me other than the Rodeo, and even though I do not mind a little Country Music and am usually up for some fun, the Rodeo is not my cup of tea. Yes, I have been to the Rodeo before, in Salinas, Calif, when my HBBY was in the Army nearby at Fort Ord. I will not speak badly of this event because I would be one of those above mentioned people that may have problems with some events that "other" people find entertaining and enjoyable! HMMM....

Anyhoo... So we stopped at a local service station, Valero, where we filled up our gas tank, bought some drinks, snacks and then got directions! The young ladies on duty were great. They were bubbly and fresh, helpful, able to multi-task and had a great attitude! Oh, and they knew how to give directions! WooHoo, TY !

Still, we were too early to even be the first to show up, so we decided to hunt for one of our favorite Haunts, a good old fashioned Thrift Shop! It did take some doing and a little exploring but we did find one called "Hope Chest" that seemed to have just what we were looking for and then some! We had a great time looking around the store and poked around for over an hour before ending up with an armload to check out! What is most notable to me here though, was the parting conversation that went something like this:

(Intro: There had been ongoing conversation with us both during our shopping and then chatter pertaining to our selections and purchases when)

(Thrift Shop Lady)TSL: YaDaYaDa....next time you come in!
ME: That should be fun, but that may be awhile! Maybe next year!
TSL: What? Next year... Oh, my, why is that? You're not from around here?
ME: No, we are just in town for the Hempfest!
TSL: PaBu-pt-By_ Pbuhmuh-bppDD! What? OH! I AM SO AGAINST "THOSE PEOPLE"!
ME: What? Why is that?
TSH: Well because it is just going to be a mess and all "those" people are going to be horrible for Our Town!
(I am now handing her my $20 bill to pay for my purchases)
ME: How is it going to be a mess for this town?
THS: All those people, supposedly 1,800 coming through here, trashing everything, doing what they want, the traffic and who knows what else? It will just be a nightmare!
ME: I don't understand why you would think that. I am certainly quite peacable, everyone I know is too! Everyone attending will be under scrutiny, I see police abound, plenty of traffic control around and you have lots of new people in town to spend money!  Didn't they just have a Rodeo or something here that had like THOUSANDS of people come through here?
TSL: Yeah, but "we" won't see any money or benifit from "those" people being here!
ME: How is that? Am I not standing here handing you my money right now?
TSL: BBBBUT...THAT is different!!!
ME: How? I am one of "those" people! I am only here because of the "Festival"! I spent my money here and in several other businesses and shops already just this morning IN Red Bluff and I am NO different than anyone else coming through here for the SAME reason!

Well, even though she continued to stammer and tried to recover her composer, she at least lost the urge to PUT me out of her store immediately! (And yes, her looks, mannerisms and demeanor said this was her first and immediate desire, obvious to all around!) However I doubt to see her "coupon" or "special" in next year's Hempfest Flyer! :) Too bad, cause I would use it!

Onto the Festival!

We arrived early, things were still being set up. I am handicapped with a lot of difficulties walking, so after some initial confusion I did get to park in an area within reasonable access. Although I understand there was some issues here and there over the situation, I hope that cool heads will concede that there was an earnest effort to comply. I am hopeful that there will be a NEXT year and that there will be a chance to learn from this years mishaps! :)

Check in was smooth, we showed the Certified Copy of our MMJ RX, got our bright green arm bands that then allowed us access to goodies at the booths and afforded some cool lounges to socialize, ingest and talk freely with other people just like us! It is so nice to be able to talk without trying to "code" what your saying or "fear" persecution and ridicule for appreciating that which is NATUARALLY offered as an imbibe, tonic, elixir and medication! Want Real Information? It is not hard to find REAL KNOWLEDGE...http://www.drugscience.org//

There were quite a few great vendors, cool artists and sweet "Club" booths, but I was sure wishing there would have been some (early) vendors selling food and beverages! It was a little hard getting around on the uneven ground and I did not last very long, but I had a blast seeing artist~ Guy Haley out there body and face painting. He has hitched up alongside the River Valley Collective lately where he has done lots of ART! He has done cool murals all around town, has some great art for sale and "Dabbles Digital" too!  Ialso want to add here that I had some treats from "Incredible edibles" (avail@River Valley Collective) by food artist, Aris Tottle, that was soooo good, I guarantee we will be visiting the RVC to get some more!

I was delighted to see a couple of old friends, (Hey Jeanette!) make some new, share knowledge, enjoy fun art and swap stories with great folks out there! I had to bail early just because this old crone gave out! But I hope others went on to have a marvelous evening too.

I have to round off by giving a HUGE thumbs up to DINNER at "Carlito's" Mexican Restaurant! It was very authentic and flavorful, fresh, generously portioned, reasonably priced and superbly serviced as well! Don't miss it if your going through Red Bluff, well worth the extra mile! :)

Okay, so then as we were leaving I noticed the (older than ME) couple that walked out of the restaurant in front of us a few minutes earlier had parked next to us and had stopped to enjoy their cigarettes while sitting in their car. The woman made eye contact with me and I realized she felt persecuted because of her cigarette as she tried to close her door and apologize for smoking it, so I cheerfully just asked them if they were going to attend the Hempfest in town! The Woman nearly choked to death as she sputtered "What? Why ever would we do that? (To her Husband) Did you hear what she asked us?" Wow, I am sorry, but that ciggy in your hand is uuhhhmmmm..... welll... oh...nevermind.......

I hope that overall, the Festival was a success and that it will be a growing addition to the North State Events to look forward to! Just like the Rodeo, Rap Music and many other Venues I do not have an "appreciation" for I can still have a tolerance to! :) Although I would have been happy to see more educational, informational, growing products and industry representations, it was still a lot of fun to see the people out in support and DOING SOMETHING! Who knows, someone could even grade the place a little? LOL!

Please help me have positive thoughts and energies to focus on having Expo II next year, more support can only help!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Redding Art Hop Scene Still Rocks!

I was out in full gallop on Saturday night!  Wow, what a fantastic round I had too!  I only made it to a few spots, but I must say the show topper for me was the great goings on over at Carnegies with the busts from the roller derby goddesses, Reddings very own, "Angry Beavers"!  This was such a fun and hopefully productive endeaver to have a chance for Art and Fans to draw attention to a meaningful cause, Breast Cancer Awarenes!  I tried to throw my hat in the ring when the call to artists came out, darn, maybe next year?  The night was a lot of fun, I made some other great hops too and I had so much more to write about, I still have the notes, I just don't have the heart!

I really wanted to write this last week, right after the Second Saturday Arthop. But unfortunately, when I got home that night I found out that my sister had died. I have not been able to...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Holidays Behind Leave Bright New Year Ahead!

Even though I have had Holiday's with more money, I have had some with less.  I don't think it mattered one bit to the world around me, nothing collapsed and nobody perished from disappointment!

I am left with the great feeling of starting a fresh new year and enjoying what I have! I am ready with great new inspiration and renewed energies!

I plan on living each day...!