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Most of my time, these days, is spent dealing with a semi-bizarre condition, "Arachnoiditis w/Myoclonic Dystonia"! Such is life after a fairly severe (ACDF C4-7) spinal incident. I am so grateful to no longer be paralyzed after successful surgery, that I try not to whine about the “Chump Change”! I’m sure any Quadriplegic out there would gladly accept the sacrifice for the freedom of Mobility!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cultural Cruise Clips

It was a lot of fun to get out on the town for the annual "Cruise".  I of course headed out early to catch my favorite Dyna-duo "Still Married" kicking off the bash at the city hall.  I did arrive early enough to recieve the autographed picture and CD that Erin was wonderful enough to give me as well as say hello in person!   She even let me prattle on a little! YAYA!  Then Erin even sang my favorite "Possum In The Hen House", Not on the CD, maybe on their NEXT!  As we explored the art on the 2nd floor of the beautiful City Hall, Erins voice was resonating so beautifully that I had to stand up there to listen for awhile.  The extra acoustics really brings out her voice!  We stayed long enough to enjoy Nick Ciampi as well as Steve and Diana before heading out to try and catch some other venues!

We hit Turtle Bay, and even though the Geckos were fantastic, there was not too much art, I'm not sure why though?  There was only a couple of pieces but from Bay area artists?  No local artists could supply anything for them?

We headed straight over to the North Valley Art League to watch the Awards for the 25th Annual National Art Show!  Wow, what a great idea to combine the two events!  Unfortunately, I think they may have been ill prepared for just how great of an idea it was!  Maybe next year someone could come up with a microphone?  The HUGE crowd was totally unable to hear anything and there was even some angry people at the back of the crowd.  I have to say though... THE ART! WOW,wow,wow!  More on that later!

The one place I was totally stoked about was going out to the Shasta College Art Center, I thought they had a show by the instructors going on.  I was wrong, way wrong!  So wrong I will not even go on about it other than to say.."Who Was IN CHARGE of that?" OMG, I'll probably never go back there again, it was VERY disappointing is the nicest thing I can say!  Is there only one artist out at that place?  Did they not have enough time to prepare something, someone, anything else?

I do not want to end on a bad note so I will say that we had a great time overall and it brings me to a new level of appreciation for the level of effort that people do put into making these events happen for us!

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  1. Thank you for coming out to listen on Friday night - and for the kind words. So nice to meet you and your granddaughter and it is always a pleasure to play for a listening audience. Many thanks - hope to see you again, soon.


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