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Winter, Blue, Spiritual, Empathic, Artist, Artisan, Wordist, Herbalist and a Stone Caster!

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Most of my time, these days, is spent dealing with a semi-bizarre condition, "Arachnoiditis w/Myoclonic Dystonia"! Such is life after a fairly severe (ACDF C4-7) spinal incident. I am so grateful to no longer be paralyzed after successful surgery, that I try not to whine about the “Chump Change”! I’m sure any Quadriplegic out there would gladly accept the sacrifice for the freedom of Mobility!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Art Hop Aholic!

I was so bent on getting to as many places as I could, I jump started at about 5 p.m. and stopped in at the Infinate Designs!  I was right on time!  Greeted by the lovely Jeanette and Ann, I recieved a wonderful custom etched, keepsake Art Hop Commemorative Wine Glass and with something to put in it to boot!  I have been trying to get to their store for the last 2 Hops and haven't made it yet because I kept running out of time and /or "juice"! 

Wow, what beautiful things they have in store for the hungry eye!  I was amazed at the level of artistic talents spread throughout their inventory!  I found so many different things to look at I lingered way too long!  It would be very easy to buy all your gifts there and never get anyone the same thing!

But, I was there in time to see Howard "Luke" Lucas and Barbara setting up for the "Free Color" demonstration, always fun and so cool for the kids to jump into!  Seems there was a boo-boo in the map, had mis-listed the store, mixed up some numbers on the map, so I hope there was still plenty of people that found it!  Well worth any extra searching for sure!

I did stop by on my way downtown to see the childrens work at the Medical Home Care Professionals, as well as made sure I got by the Riverfront Playhouse's brand spanking new digs to see the Shasta County Womens Refuge representations from the kids.  Some of those pieces really leave you thinking!

KIXE over on Market was having a good time too!  I could not get out and walk so I only got to do a drive by, but I saw a lot of people going in and out!  Music was playing in the streets out at the Vintage and I could hardly get into Pacific West Graphics!  Ohh La La, I believe that Troy and Adam have really started something here!  Thank you so much Hawkman Studios!

I did manage to get up to the loft at one of my favs, Carnegie's, and see some really cool and interesting Ink Block Prints done by a young fellow named Eli Heleniak.  I was struck by it's understatement and could see he has an critical eye!

I finished off the evening stopping by the North Valley Art League and as always was enthralled by the artwork!  What can I say, they always have such fine work there!  I cannot stress enough to people that they should drop by there often, just to see whats new!  Thank you League Volunteers, for such a nice spread of goodies as well as open smiling faces to greet the visitors!  The League members should be proud and grateful for all you do and such fine representation as well!

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