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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hempfest 2010 F.O.W.L. Report

Well it certainly turned out to be magnificent weather for the First Annual 2010 WHEE Hempfest held in Red Bluff this weekend! I understand that this particular event seemed to have caused an uproar by some standards, but then, so do most other events for some reason or another! There is always somebody or some group that is going to be put out over it. Please, can we at least get a grip on some of the panic and gossip and take a bite of reality here. My friend and I decided we wanted to go and check it out, just to see what is REALLY going on and to see what/how we can participate in the changing of some hate-filled minds.

We started out early because we happen to be early birds and we were up for an adventure. We decided we would get there (Red Bluff) early and explore the town a little, neither one of us are very familiar with Red Bluff and thought it would be a hoot! Red Bluff has not usually been known to me other than the Rodeo, and even though I do not mind a little Country Music and am usually up for some fun, the Rodeo is not my cup of tea. Yes, I have been to the Rodeo before, in Salinas, Calif, when my HBBY was in the Army nearby at Fort Ord. I will not speak badly of this event because I would be one of those above mentioned people that may have problems with some events that "other" people find entertaining and enjoyable! HMMM....

Anyhoo... So we stopped at a local service station, Valero, where we filled up our gas tank, bought some drinks, snacks and then got directions! The young ladies on duty were great. They were bubbly and fresh, helpful, able to multi-task and had a great attitude! Oh, and they knew how to give directions! WooHoo, TY !

Still, we were too early to even be the first to show up, so we decided to hunt for one of our favorite Haunts, a good old fashioned Thrift Shop! It did take some doing and a little exploring but we did find one called "Hope Chest" that seemed to have just what we were looking for and then some! We had a great time looking around the store and poked around for over an hour before ending up with an armload to check out! What is most notable to me here though, was the parting conversation that went something like this:

(Intro: There had been ongoing conversation with us both during our shopping and then chatter pertaining to our selections and purchases when)

(Thrift Shop Lady)TSL: YaDaYaDa....next time you come in!
ME: That should be fun, but that may be awhile! Maybe next year!
TSL: What? Next year... Oh, my, why is that? You're not from around here?
ME: No, we are just in town for the Hempfest!
TSL: PaBu-pt-By_ Pbuhmuh-bppDD! What? OH! I AM SO AGAINST "THOSE PEOPLE"!
ME: What? Why is that?
TSH: Well because it is just going to be a mess and all "those" people are going to be horrible for Our Town!
(I am now handing her my $20 bill to pay for my purchases)
ME: How is it going to be a mess for this town?
THS: All those people, supposedly 1,800 coming through here, trashing everything, doing what they want, the traffic and who knows what else? It will just be a nightmare!
ME: I don't understand why you would think that. I am certainly quite peacable, everyone I know is too! Everyone attending will be under scrutiny, I see police abound, plenty of traffic control around and you have lots of new people in town to spend money!  Didn't they just have a Rodeo or something here that had like THOUSANDS of people come through here?
TSL: Yeah, but "we" won't see any money or benifit from "those" people being here!
ME: How is that? Am I not standing here handing you my money right now?
TSL: BBBBUT...THAT is different!!!
ME: How? I am one of "those" people! I am only here because of the "Festival"! I spent my money here and in several other businesses and shops already just this morning IN Red Bluff and I am NO different than anyone else coming through here for the SAME reason!

Well, even though she continued to stammer and tried to recover her composer, she at least lost the urge to PUT me out of her store immediately! (And yes, her looks, mannerisms and demeanor said this was her first and immediate desire, obvious to all around!) However I doubt to see her "coupon" or "special" in next year's Hempfest Flyer! :) Too bad, cause I would use it!

Onto the Festival!

We arrived early, things were still being set up. I am handicapped with a lot of difficulties walking, so after some initial confusion I did get to park in an area within reasonable access. Although I understand there was some issues here and there over the situation, I hope that cool heads will concede that there was an earnest effort to comply. I am hopeful that there will be a NEXT year and that there will be a chance to learn from this years mishaps! :)

Check in was smooth, we showed the Certified Copy of our MMJ RX, got our bright green arm bands that then allowed us access to goodies at the booths and afforded some cool lounges to socialize, ingest and talk freely with other people just like us! It is so nice to be able to talk without trying to "code" what your saying or "fear" persecution and ridicule for appreciating that which is NATUARALLY offered as an imbibe, tonic, elixir and medication! Want Real Information? It is not hard to find REAL KNOWLEDGE...http://www.drugscience.org//

There were quite a few great vendors, cool artists and sweet "Club" booths, but I was sure wishing there would have been some (early) vendors selling food and beverages! It was a little hard getting around on the uneven ground and I did not last very long, but I had a blast seeing artist~ Guy Haley out there body and face painting. He has hitched up alongside the River Valley Collective lately where he has done lots of ART! He has done cool murals all around town, has some great art for sale and "Dabbles Digital" too!  Ialso want to add here that I had some treats from "Incredible edibles" (avail@River Valley Collective) by food artist, Aris Tottle, that was soooo good, I guarantee we will be visiting the RVC to get some more!

I was delighted to see a couple of old friends, (Hey Jeanette!) make some new, share knowledge, enjoy fun art and swap stories with great folks out there! I had to bail early just because this old crone gave out! But I hope others went on to have a marvelous evening too.

I have to round off by giving a HUGE thumbs up to DINNER at "Carlito's" Mexican Restaurant! It was very authentic and flavorful, fresh, generously portioned, reasonably priced and superbly serviced as well! Don't miss it if your going through Red Bluff, well worth the extra mile! :)

Okay, so then as we were leaving I noticed the (older than ME) couple that walked out of the restaurant in front of us a few minutes earlier had parked next to us and had stopped to enjoy their cigarettes while sitting in their car. The woman made eye contact with me and I realized she felt persecuted because of her cigarette as she tried to close her door and apologize for smoking it, so I cheerfully just asked them if they were going to attend the Hempfest in town! The Woman nearly choked to death as she sputtered "What? Why ever would we do that? (To her Husband) Did you hear what she asked us?" Wow, I am sorry, but that ciggy in your hand is uuhhhmmmm..... welll... oh...nevermind.......

I hope that overall, the Festival was a success and that it will be a growing addition to the North State Events to look forward to! Just like the Rodeo, Rap Music and many other Venues I do not have an "appreciation" for I can still have a tolerance to! :) Although I would have been happy to see more educational, informational, growing products and industry representations, it was still a lot of fun to see the people out in support and DOING SOMETHING! Who knows, someone could even grade the place a little? LOL!

Please help me have positive thoughts and energies to focus on having Expo II next year, more support can only help!

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