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I was born in the second half of the 1900’s, possibly descended of "Scottish Tinkers" (still finding this), Tetched with Megalomania, Decidedly Hetro and an emerging Crone!

Winter, Blue, Spiritual, Empathic, Artist, Artisan, Wordist, Herbalist and a Stone Caster!

Now then, for good measure I’ll throw in ADD, Bi-Polar, OCD and a bit plain ole NUTZ….. J I refer to this as having numerous "Cats In My Attic", which means I still have control...otherwise they would just be "Bats In My Belfry"! : )

Most of my time, these days, is spent dealing with a semi-bizarre condition, "Arachnoiditis w/Myoclonic Dystonia"! Such is life after a fairly severe (ACDF C4-7) spinal incident. I am so grateful to no longer be paralyzed after successful surgery, that I try not to whine about the “Chump Change”! I’m sure any Quadriplegic out there would gladly accept the sacrifice for the freedom of Mobility!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

City Hall Reception A Wink Away! AARRGGHHHH!!!

I know that the pieces have been hanging all week, but now I have to go stand NEXT to them and show my face!  I couldn't even go to the last show I had my (1) painting hung in because I felt out of place, so now the terror of having 12 of them, right there, all up in the public face and all, really has the bats a'flappin!  Time to "Soldier up", I can take it!

Of course, first sign of someone about to light a torch... I am sooo outta there....


  1. Lita -- You can do it! It's going to be great, you'll see.

    I used to have to leave the room whenever anyone listened to a tape of one of my songs. Deliver them in person? NEVER! Stage fright kept me ensconced all alone in my music room. Isn't it lovely the way life allows us to face our fears? Enjoy the moment - see you tomorrow.

  2. You Stage Fright? NoWayMan! Well, you are certainly a Pro Now!
    Looking forward to seeing you there! :)


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