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I was born in the second half of the 1900’s, possibly descended of "Scottish Tinkers" (still finding this), Tetched with Megalomania, Decidedly Hetro and an emerging Crone!

Winter, Blue, Spiritual, Empathic, Artist, Artisan, Wordist, Herbalist and a Stone Caster!

Now then, for good measure I’ll throw in ADD, Bi-Polar, OCD and a bit plain ole NUTZ….. J I refer to this as having numerous "Cats In My Attic", which means I still have control...otherwise they would just be "Bats In My Belfry"! : )

Most of my time, these days, is spent dealing with a semi-bizarre condition, "Arachnoiditis w/Myoclonic Dystonia"! Such is life after a fairly severe (ACDF C4-7) spinal incident. I am so grateful to no longer be paralyzed after successful surgery, that I try not to whine about the “Chump Change”! I’m sure any Quadriplegic out there would gladly accept the sacrifice for the freedom of Mobility!

Monday, January 17, 2011

City Hall Show Looms Large! EEEEKKKK!!!

As the day is nearly upon me to show up for the installation of the largest collection ever assembled of my Artwork I am terrified beyond belief!

I have to keep reminding myself that even if they hate it they will not burn me at the stake! ( I believe they made it illegal to assault entertainers!)

I'm beginning to question the wisdom of using my real name!  Should I have a pseudo?  Dammit I Say!

The sheer adventure of preparing myself and my children, oh, I mean paintings has been a whole new set of challenges!  Before, when I had one or two paintings to put in a show or enter it was only a moderate question as to the framing.  Now multiplying that times 12!  I am nearly ragged beating my brain to do what I have never done before!  Frame, frame, frame!

Last night as I was ready to collapse from all of it, I had to giggle as I was unable to stop myself from quoting one of my favorite lines from a Goldie Hawn Classic "Overboard",  "BluB-BluB-BLub-blUBB-BluuB--Blubb-blub-blluubb...."

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  1. Lita - I am SO looking forward to seeing you and all your "babies" at City Hall on the 28th. Thought you'd enjoy this quote, by music consultant Christopher Knab: "Do what you love because the best success, perhaps the most fantastic sensation of all, is satisfaction."
    I'll bet you will be deeply satisfied on the 28th, because your art is an expression of who you are and what you believe in. Enjoy the craziness and remember what it's all about.


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